No Funds Lockup

Get total control over your assets. Enter and exit a vault whenever you want. No Lockup period. No fundraising period.

Persistent Vaults

Our vaults are persistent and built to evolve by replicating what their creators are doing. No need to re-enter when a new trade is launched.

Smart Trading Engine

Get a seamless, fast and complete trading experience. We offer advanced trading tools to suit your needs.


Volume :



We are pioneering the concept to connect traders to investors 24/7 on decentralized perpetual exchange in a non-custodial and fully transparent way. Our goal is to revolutionize the accessibility of Web3 investment on Social Decentralized Trading.


  • 🔸 Create your investment vehicle in a few clicks
  • 🔸 Manage your trades in a simple, secure and low cost way
  • 🔸 Define your performance fee and quickly gain exposure
  • 🔸 Build your brand by sharing your vault on social networks and with our social tools
  • 🔸 Perpy is an opportunity to make profits in a win-win manner for you and your followers


  • 🔸 Invest in the best traders in a non-custodial way
  • 🔸 Diversify your investments - conservative or aggressive traders, your choice
  • 🔸 No funds lockup, get in or out when you want
  • 🔸 No hidden fees, No fundraising period, the definition of freedom
  • 🔸 Traders performance and trades are transparent on-chain, everything is clear as water

The Token

At Perpy, our goal is to exploit all the utilitary aspects of our token to offer concrete benefits for $PRY Stakers with a well thought and balance token in its core mechanisms to generate a stable stream of real yield for stakers and to give them the power of governance on impactful parameters and future technical implementation proposals.

Real Yield

$PRY Stakers get 100% of our protocol's revenues on both Performance and Exit Fees.

On those 100%, 10% are subject to the DAO approval where users can vote for their Yield of choice.

Priority Access

$PRY Holders will discover and enjoy new features and functionalities before everyone else.

We have a pretty dense roadmap with awesome features upcoming, so get some $PRY to be among the first!


Token Holders will have impactful pro-rata influence over governance parameters and potential future implementation proposals.

Get a chair in our virtual Perpy office and make your voice audible.

Fees Rebates

By staking $PRY tokens, you get rebates on fees, for both traders and investors.

Those rebates go from 3% up to 50%.


Vault Advertising

$PRY Stakers are going to access to several visual tools to stand out and attract investors.

Animated backgrounds, pinned vault, brighter colors and more!

Lens Integration

With the Lens integration, we are going to offer an advanced trading journal bound to your trader profile

By burning $PRY, you could highlight a post, access to resctricted traders, and benefit from all the social goodness offered by Lens!


  • Fees Reduction mechanism for Token Holder and NFT Holder

    Support of multi asset withdraw to protect from GLP pool liquidity

    Gelato Integration :

    Automatic deposit
    Automatic withdraw once investors target is reached
    DCA feature

    More detailed trader profile data : Total Trades, Win Trades, Lose Trades, Avg. Holding Time, Trading Frequency, Last Trade, Max. Drawdown, Avg. leverage, Avg. P&L on each trade...

    New model of Exit Fees

    Swap Spot Trading

    Trading Vault update - Stop loss, Take Profit

    Smart Contracts Audit

    New landing page

    Launch of trading Competition

    Integration of Twitch Account on trader Profil/ Trading live on Twitch Feature

    Token Generation Event - $PRY

    Staking Module $PRY Token

    Public Sale

  • Features for DAOs Treasury

    Add more Assets to Trade

    Allow multiple managers (NFT Access Minting)

    Cross-chain integration

    New Front End App

    Integration and Partnership with other Perpetual DEX EVM

    Trade Crypto Option

    Integration of a duel feature between 2 traders

    Add Synthetic assets to trade

    Beta Testing Lens Protocol Integration : Trading journal, access to trader's posts; $PRY social feature integration with Lens

  • Integration of DEX on different chains - dYdX on Cosmos

    Design of multichain contracts : Perpy contracts for dYdX on Cosmos, Perpy contracts on Cairo for Starknet

    Trading on Real World Assets

    Algorithmic Trading Feature - Allow the trader to automate his trades according to different indicators RSI, MA, Divergence, Volume etc...

    Smartphone Mobile App Deployment

  • Deployment on Starknet

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